Skills CISOs Need to Have in 2021

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These are turbulent times with the global pandemic impacting business. The threat landscape has also changed significantly. So, having good technical skills is not enough to be an effective security leader today.
Soft skills are now much sought after. Communication skills are invaluable. How effective is a CISO in communicating the potential impact of a security breach on the business, to the board? Team leadership, empathy, and patience are rare skills that will be in demand.
Having business skills, understanding core business processes, and being able to juxtapose that with information security – will put the CISO in a different league.
And yes, technical skills will continue to be in demand, as the attack vectors are becoming increasingly sophisticated. So, security leaders will need to upgrade their skills and knowledge to keep up.

Is security certification enough to be an effective CISO?

Organizations are beginning to realize that proven performance matters more than years in a particular role. The bias toward hiring CISOs based on their previously held CISO positions diminishes as a useful barometer of a successful CISO. A dirty little secret of CISO turnover is that CISOs do not necessarily churn jobs based on opportunity; they are managed out because of poor performance. Companies recognize CISOs must have security program architecture experience, executive persona, and serve as operational risk management visionary.

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